I wanted to take a few minutes of your time and shamelessly talk about my youngest.

He is a new freelance photographer and to be honest has struggled with his direction in life for a while. But once we put a camera in his hands there has been no turning back.


I’m not going to rattle on about how proud I am of him and how fantastic his work is. I will let you figure that out for yourselves. Here is the link to his Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/devindsphotos/

He also started a vlog but I believe has only done the first one…he’s a bit of a procrastinator like his father 🙂


And don’t worry, I have permission to put these pictures here if anyone is curious…he is my child after all.

One more for those too lazy to click a link:


Anyway. This is me…being a proud dad. I will leave you with his short vlog. I hope it speaks to you as it did me. Have an awesome day people.


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