If you were to do an Internet search on time management, you would be bombarded with about 140 million pages you could read up on. Big number … I know. But that was just a fast Goggle search. So what are most of these sites really telling you? Without breaking down each site and what they have to offer I wanted to speak from personal experience and then see what you had to say.

I am, by nature, not a disciplined person. I love to waste time. Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you that … preceded by a huge nod of the head. I am not afraid of work mind you, I just choose to not like it.

This goes without saying, but writing to me is not work. I love every aspect of it: planning, creating, editing … all of it. So outside of that, what am I talking about exactly? This is, after all, a blog centered around writing. Well, that’s easy.

It is the moments before I write that I have the hardest time with.

Those few minutes when I have to literally and figuratively make myself sit down and do. Some call it psyching yourself up for something. Some call it getting the lead out. I have heard all kinds of vernacular used, but to me, it is just getting my ass in gear.

“So what Dwight? How does this apply to me?”

Great question. For those that sit down to a task and bust it out in no time each day. Bravo. I commend you … and I am a little jealous. For me, it is work to get to the work. But once I am in that mode (you know the one I am talking about) time flies.

I said I wanted to share my thoughts on this and here they are: the end result is what gets me going each day.

Be careful here. I did not say THE end result. That date you can mark on a calendar when you know your task will be complete. Not that that date is a bad thing to have … it certainly is. I am talking about the daily grind, the word count you have set up for yourself each day, each week, or each month. For myself, the daily end result is what I focus on. Maybe it is just me. Maybe it is you too.

By fixing a set goal each and every day, working on that goal, and hitting that goal; you can feel like you have accomplished something. Sounds easy right? Well … I wish it was.

I love to find things other than what I am supposed to be doing then, by the end of the day I am upset and frustrated with myself for not completing those tasks. I am embarking the first of the month with a new planner that is supposed to help with this. After using it for a bit I will write a review here for everyone to see. Until then, I will keep plugging along with what I know and love.

Let me know what motivates you. Is it a reward? A goal setting journal or program? Or is it just knowing that after you reach that goal you are happy with yourself? Tell me what keeps you focused on the task at hand. I believe it is important for all of us to work together and know where our strengths and weaknesses are to better help and understand those living the grind along with us.

Keep pressing on.


3 thoughts on “On Time Management

  1. Great post! I must admit that I am also not a very disciplined person. I probably never used to hit my word count goals due to distractions, like gaming and Netflix. I am improving though, I now force myself to write before anything else. As a reward for completing my goals, I give myself an hour on the PlayStation or watch an episode of something. I’m finding that I’m writing more than my goals now, which is great because I’m working on so many projects at the moment. Completing a writing project is such a great feeling.


    1. I am glad I am not the only one using a reward system. LOL. I have been bribing myself the past few days where before that was never a problem. Sounds like I have a bit of writer’s block now that I say that out loud. And yes, it is an awesome feeling to finish a project. Keep writing!

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  2. I am exactly the same! It’s so hard to actually sit yourself down and start writing. I always end up procrastinating, listening to music or watching something before I can bring myself to start.
    I don’t really know what my motivation is at this point. I think it’s just knowing that even with just a little progress I am one step closer to completing my work. Even if I don’t get much done that day I must at least do something.


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