Every morning when I get to my office … in my house, he is there. Usually just waking up. He gives me that look – you know the one: “Morning dad, where is the coffee? Oh, and by the way I’m hungry.” He’s always hungry. But I guess that’s the life huh? Sitting around all day, judging me, eating and shitting, taking naps, then repeating the whole process. There are times he is pretty grumpy as well. He likes the same music I do … at least he doesn’t complain much. And talk about the staring game: he is the champ. Never looks away that one. Trust me, I’ve tried and I lose every time. What are you going to do?

Who is this early morning, grumpy, judging machine residing in my office? His name is Bishop. Here he is in one of his poses thinking about what it is like living in a glass house.

What a ham! And I believe he likes having his pictures taken too.

This morning we were having a conversation (shut up – he talks) about living in a glass house. And how he gets to see everything around him. And how he sees everything I do and say. That thought alone was a little staggering but those are secrets between him and I. And he won’t talk to anyone but me.

So what does it mean to live in a glass house? Or better yet, what should we be doing in the proverbial sense of course. You know the saying: People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. Maybe it is me, but I try to live like that the older I get.

That is not to say that I may make fun of people every now and then but I try not to. If I do it is orally in good fun. Not the malicious mess I see every time I get on social media. Have you read through certain threads lately? Keyboard warriors trying to get things said in the most aggressive, uncaring, and evil way possible. There is a reason I despise social media. Even though I know it is a necessary evil in our lives. Especially those of us who either look for work or put ourselves out there on it. You are more than likely reading this because you saw it posted on social media. If you are a loyal follower, thank you and get back to writing. If you are not a follower, then you should be.

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Throwing stones to me means saying and doing things that hurt others. Now I know there are times when we don’t mean to, those are easy to rectify. It’s the ones where people go out of their way to be mean that I have a problem with.


My mother-in-law also has a saying: Least said easiest mended. Brilliant. If you say little to hurt someone’s feelings, you will have less to apologize for. Easy right?

But what happens when someone says something first? That is a tough one. I am the first to stick up for my family and friends … almost to a point of being too protective, I have been told. But there comes a time when we need to realize one simple truth.

Stop lowering yourself to others level. Stop acting like them in order to make yourself eel better. Idiots will do idiot things – it is a simple fact of life. Rise above. Even though that sounds so cliche to ever write it is the truth.

Simple truth: think about what you are doing/saying before you do it.


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