When tragedy hits close to home, it has a different impact on you than if it happens somewhere else. It is just a fact; do not throw stones here people.

There were two tragedies that have happened in my neck of the woods in the past 6 months, but today I will be focusing on one … more than that … what happens when people come out of their caves and do more harm than good.

On November 21, 2016, in the small town of Flora, Indiana, four beautiful little girls tragically lost their lives in a house fire. Months later, yes, I said months, the fire was ruled to be arson. Now I do not claim to be a professional; but when you have to consider a house fire for months to figure out if it is arson or not, well, that is hard to swallow. I will be doing a more in-depth account starting Monday.

What is even harder to swallow is when someone comes swooping in from another state and under the guise of doing good and starts taking money from generous people. And not just people locally, but from all over. This is one of the lowest forms of life there is: stealing from people under the cover of helping when all he really did was pocket that money for himself.

Local news is now becoming aware that Brian Muehe, or whatever he calls himself these days, scammed hundreds of dollars from caring people. He told them it was reward money set up for the victim’s family through GoFundMe. Now that the word is out, I am sure this poor excuse will be backtracking and trying to stay invisible.

I know some of these people personally and to say they are upset is an understatement. I have screen shots of conversations, bullying tactics, promises never kept, and more. If and when the need arises that information will be dropped into the right hands but until that time I will say this:

If and when you decide to donate to any place for anything that moves you, do the research. Please. Know who and where the money will be going. This is not the first time something this despicable as happened and I am sure it will not be the last. Just be careful folks.

As for Mr. Muehe. Do you hear it? That is time. It is ticking away. The word is out and time is not on your side anymore. There are organizations in place dedicated to making sure people like you are found, prosecuted, and brought to justice.



One thought on “Flora’s Five Were Robbed

  1. This is a sad situation. I wonder if these organizations should be more strict about background searches of who opens an account to help others. Somehow make sure the money gets to the proper person(s)…? I don’t know. It’s so sad that we live in a world and system where people plot against others in such a manner!


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